Sound + Vision: A Master Class with Marc Weidenbaum Presented by Taction Kannons


Disposable Film Fest


April 8, 2016


Bay Area Video Coalition
Eyes are forgiving, ears less so. Eyes want to be seduced. Ears are sensitive to incongruity, discontinuity, artifice. How can sound reinforce narrative? How can sound be narrative? How can sound design serve as score? We'll explore the past and the technologically enabled promise of film sound. Marc Weidenbaum has overseen music supervision and sound design for two films: director Doug Block’s documentary The Children Next Door and director Brett Marty’s science-fiction story Youth. He wrote the 33 1/3 book on Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II. In 1996 he founded at the intersection of sound, art, and technology. Since 2012 he’s moderated the Disquiet Junto, an online community of weekly music/sonic projects that explore creative constraints, several of which have involved film projects. He’s exhibited art in galleries in Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Dubai, as well as at the San Jose Museum of Art, which housed his three-screen reworking of a piece by experimental video artist Josh Azzarella.